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General info about membership

CXM Club is an organisation which is created for individuals and companies who are ready to take the initiative and improve not only themselves and their businesses, but also the CX environment by establishing standards in the customer experience area and by being in touch with new trends in the market.

Being a part of the CXM Club is not just making meaningful connections between people who have same professional goals - our aim is to support business and personal growth of members through our training, conferences and events.

Exchanging ideas with relevant CX professionals and gaining recognition as they are developing and showcasing standards In CX across the UK, is an additional reason why this network is the great opportunity for every individual.


Improve business environment

The 21st century is an era of constant change and improvement, but not everyone feels like they are one leading it. Our main goal is to create a community of business women and men who are ready to improve their organisations by focusing on customers and their fundamental needs.

Exchange ideas with relevant CX professionals

We are gathering people with a wealth of cross-sector experience focusing on customer experience, who are ready to teach and learn from their colleagues. Our member's online platform allows everyone to communicate with each other from any place and at any time.

Develop and showcase standards in CX across the globe

Considering the fact that 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain while the rest churn (91% of unhappy clients who are noncomplainers simply leave!), verily we can say that CX standards are necessities which each company needs to define. Using their experience and working on different case studies, our members will have the unique opportunity to improve their organisations.

Create strategic frameworks for further business development

Creating standards means that at some point they should be applied in practice. Members who are part of advisory boards will be in charge of creating strategic frameworks used to strengthen operation and adjust the customer service direction in response to a changing environment.

Get recognised in relevant CX circles

Being the part of our training, events and conferences will be a great opportunity to interact with fellow members, inspirational business leaders and customer experience experts.

Become a member

Individual membership
  • Access to the particular CX events at a special rates (60% - saving 750 pounds per year )
  • Access to the CXM online network
  • Reduced cost of attendance at CXMasterclass 10% - (Workshop - Saving 20 pounds on EB price, and 30 pounds on regular price Professional - Saving 95 pounds on EB price and 115 pounds on regular price)
  • The opportunity to contribute to be published in the Customer Experience Magazine

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